My Covid Protocol

I will do all I can to keep my customers and myself as safe as possible.

I will use a mask if necessary to take care of your project.

I will keep interaction with my customers to a minimum.

I will observe social distancing if possible.

I will confine my movement in your home to the task at hand.

I own a "Zipwall System" that builds a wall of plastic around a work area, to help contain dust from entering your living space. I will use it if needed. Click here to go to Zipwall Website

If needed, I close off all HVAC vents to prevent dust from clogging filters, and being distributed throughout your home.

I use cloth dropcloths or rosin paper or plastic to walk on from the worksite to outside, for flooring protection, if needed.

My shop vac has a "Cleanstream" filter to trap even the tiniest dust particles (even sheetrock dust). I do daily cleanup with the shop vac, and try to keep job site as clean and neat as possible. It is impossible to keep 100% of job site dust out of your home, but I try. Click here to go to Cleanstream Website

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